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Breeding Philosophy

Ticking All the Boxes

The Ultimate Merino

At Roseville Park, our breeding philosophy is to breed a Merino sheep that ticks all of the boxes for functionality, disease resistance and profitability with no exceptions.

A lot of traits within the Merino breed are very antagonistic.

Within the Merino industry, we have identified outliers and “Game Changers” that complement our flock and drive us towards our ultimate breeding objective of producing a sheep that has the following measured attributes:

More = Less

Unveiling True Genetic Potential

In the Roseville Park stud ewe flock, we have been able to achieve 8.3KG average fleece weights in the past seven years and have an average micron of a neat 18.0. These ewes are shorn every 6 months producing 60-67mm wool length and over 4kg each shearing with yields averaging 70-74% and staple strengths of 40-60 N/Kt

Lambs are producing over 5kg of 16 micron wool at 10 months age and gaining on average 8-10kg body weight per month.

Ewe weaning rates are increasing annually due to the focus on twinning and culling dries for over 20 years.

"In God we trust, everyone else must bring data."

- W. Edwards Deming

Data-Driven Success

Our Commitment to Benchmarking

At Roseville Park, the Coddington family have always benchmarked their genetics to the merino industry.

Ever since George Coddington won one of the earliest known wether trials at Cootamundra three years in succession in the late 1940’s Roseville Park sheep have always shown their proven genetic predictability and ability to lift grower’s bottom line.

Having won the most prestigious awards and gained the top prices and averages at the major events around the country we have proven that our sheep have stood up to and succeeded against some very tough opponents.
Our benchmarking success is also proven through Merinoselect and Central test Sire Evaluation Performance with sires ranking in the top 1% for breed traits.

Sheep Genetics


Sheep genetics is underpinned by best practice quality assurance system for data entry, accuracy and genetic linkage before breeding values are published.

Matthew Coddington has served two terms on the founding Advisory Committees of Sheep Genetics as an Industry expert. He is also on the executive as a board member of Australian Sire Evaluation Association, Chairman of the Macquarie Sire Evaluation Committee and is on the advisory committee to Australian Wool Innovation for the Merino Lifetime Project.

Roseville Park is using Merino select to improve breeding values (ASBV’s) to maintain micron and increase fleece weight, body weight, reproduction, eye muscle depth , staple strength, worm resistance and genetic fat depth.

Evidence of Excellence

Central Test Sire Evaluation Results

The graph shows consistent performance of all of Roseville Park sires used in Sire Evaluations since 1990.

We have entered sires into central test Sire evaluation since it’s inception and have found it a very useful tool for comparing our sires with hundreds of Australia’s top sires.

Sire evaluation is an independent evaluation of merino sires and offers a high level of assurance in the integrity of data collected and the corresponding estimation of sire performance.

What They Say

Don't just take our word for it

“Within three years of changing bloodlines to Roseville Park genetics, we have had an increase in fleece weights by one kilogram, body weights increased by 10KG and weaning rates increased by 10% across the whole flock.”

Mark M

Lingara, Mockinya Victoria

“We buy Roseville Park genetics because they are a long established parent stud. The wool quality of Roseville Park Sheep seems to get better year after year.”

Ken and Jan H

Bowman’s Forest Wangaratta, Victoria

“We buy Roseville Park genetics because of sheep size for micron and the wool type suits our country and rainfall. We have zero fleece rot. Roseville Park sheep have improved the wool type by selecting for crimp definition which in turn has reduced micron and increased fleece weights.”

Brian S

Bathurst NSW

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