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Charollais are fast growing with a high quality carcass. Charollais are very prolific. Ewes mated in February – March can achieve 180 – 200% lambing. Lambing ease is the biggest feature of Charollais sheep. Charollais ewes have been lambed down unassisted at Roseville Park since 2009.
The Charollais has white downs wool (27 Micron) and is well adapted to Australian conditions.

Using Charollais rams will give you the ultimate flexibility of income streams. The Charollais is a great terminal sire, so all lambs can be sold as prime lambs. However, as the Charollais is the most prolific prime lamb sire, ewe lambs can be held back and sold as Charollais first cross ewes. They will have more lambs with a better carcass than Border Leicester first cross ewes.

Charollais have an impressive carcass. They have a high portion of primal cuts and intramuscular fat for great eating without too much subcutaneous fat. Charollais lambs consistently yield 48-52%

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Charollais Rams and Ewes Available Year-Round

Elevate your flock’s genetics with Charollais rams and ewes, available for acquisition throughout the year. Our offerings include purebred Charollais rams priced at $1,250 + GST and $1,500 + GST, with stud rams available upon request.

Roseville Park purebred Charollais ewes are priced between $500-$1,000 + GST, varying based on age and pregnancy status.

Semen available from our leading sires at $50/ewe dose + GST. Charollais genetics are also available for export overseas.

For all inquiries and further information, please direct your correspondence to Matthew Coddington.

What They Say

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“Within three years of changing bloodlines to Roseville Park genetics, we have had an increase in fleece weights by one kilogram, body weights increased by 10KG and weaning rates increased by 10% across the whole flock.”

Mark M

Lingara, Mockinya Victoria

“We buy Roseville Park genetics because they are a long established parent stud. The wool quality of Roseville Park Sheep seems to get better year after year.”

Ken and Jan H

Bowman’s Forest Wangaratta, Victoria

“We buy Roseville Park genetics because of sheep size for micron and the wool type suits our country and rainfall. We have zero fleece rot. Roseville Park sheep have improved the wool type by selecting for crimp definition which in turn has reduced micron and increased fleece weights.”

Brian S

Bathurst NSW

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