Sire: Yarrawonga 17-193
Dam: RP16-0013 x N12-231

Micron: 17.0
SD: 3.4
CV: 20
CF: 99.7%
DOB: May 2019

Body weight: (1 Year old) – 110.5 KG (2 Year old) 159 KG
Fat: 3.5mm
EMD: 40mm



RP19-0068 is sired by Yarrawonga 17-0193 ‘Don’ who sold for $60,000 in 2018. RP19-0068 himself is an industry trait leader for fleece weight and fibre diameter and is in the top 5% of the breed for MP+ and DP+ Indexes. This ram boasts an exceptional sirey outlook with a long, deep body, with a big cannon bone. His wool is a well-marked 64’s type showing a healthy amount of wax to swint ratio, wool cut to micron ratio and bright, white colour. RP19-0068 was AI’d to 164 specially selected ewes in our December program and then further backed up for a 6 week joining. RP19-0068 produced a 9.15 KG fleece with 6 months wool growth after being pulled out of the ewes at joining through Summer in 2021.

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